Saturday, 10 March 2018

Trying a new concealer // Estee Lauder Double Wear // Review

Hello darlings.

Today i have a quick fire review for you. I treated myself to this concealer at the beginning of the year. The dark circles under my eyes are getting quite dark that i thought i'd spend a little but more money of a concealer and see if its any better than my other drugstore ones. I believe i bought it on Look Fantastic, i remember they had 15 % or 20% off certain products and this Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer was included. So i saw it as a sign and purchased it there and then! I haven't heard many people talk about this concealer i know a lot of people talk about the foundation, which i need to try! So i thought i'd share my thoughts for anyone looking to purchase this, i hope you enjoy!
Packaging: Its a small glass tube, which is standard concealer packaging. Nothing hugely special but it has a gold handle which i think makes it a little more elegant, this little touches sometimes make all the difference. It contains 7ml of product and has SPF 10 which is brilliant. I think all face products should have some level of SPF in! 

Shade: There are 11 shades available which is a decent selection, i have it in the shade 1W (Light Warm) i normally would go for a more pink toned brightening concealer under my eyes but i decided to try something different. I wanted one that would cover my dark circles not just brighten. 
 Texture: Its really thick and creamy. I find it a little moisturizing but i always wear a moisturizer and eye cream, under my makeup anyway. Its very pigmented, a little goes a long way, so i only use one little swipe under my eyes and it blends are nicely. Its quite a matte finish but i powdered anyway to lock it in place.

Coverage: Its good at covering my dark circles but it does settle into my fine lines as you can see in the imagine below. But brilliant for blemishes and little imperfections i need covering. I use a beauty blender or my fingers to blend out the concealer as i do with all mine.
Longevity: Its lasts all day, i didn't have to retouch at all or powder. But i do have dry skin, have any oily skinned girls tried it? If so please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Would i buy again? Yes i would, i really like this concealer, i don't know if its worth £24.00 but i did really enjoy it so i would be prepared to spend it again. You can buy it here for £24.00

I'd love to know have you tried this concealer?

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

My top 5 // Max Factor

Hello darlings

Today post is the start of a new little series on Perfect Fixations, my top 5 products within a brand. I've done similar posts before but i focused on specific products e.g. my top 3 foundations etc... but this series will focus on a whole brand. I just thought it would be fun and give me a chance to tell you guys what i think of different brands, which ones i think do a good range of products which ones are limited etc, i hope you enjoy!

Today's top 5 are from Max Factor, this is a more high end range from the drugstore, that is sold in Boots and Superdrug. 'It was founded in 1909 as Max Factor & Company by Maksymilian Faktorowicz, a beautician from Poland.[1] In its early days, it specialized in movie make-up'. I have tried quite a few products from Max Factor over the years and a few of my staple items come from them so it seemed fitting that my first top 5 came from them. Although these are my top 5 i thought i'd do it counting down to my favourite product. 
5. Smooth Miracle Primer (£10.99)
If i'm honest i'm rather lazy when it comes to primer, i find a moisturizer does the same job, but i keep buying them, how else does that? Its something new and shinny and although i might not use it i need it! Luckily with this primer i tried it and loved it! Its leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and a good even base to apply my foundation. Its great for my combination- dry skin.

This was one of the first grown up mascaras i purchased and it was my holy grail for years. I re-discovered it a couple of weeks back when i bought it on Amazon for about £3 and thought it was was too good of a price not to. And it lived up to expectations, its a nice simple wand which isn't too big or too thin. It gives lift and volume, it doesn't curl or or at least it doesn't on my very straight eyelashes. But for my everyday use it great! 

I love this foundation, i've been using it for a good few months now. The colour isn't 100% perfect, its a tad too pink but after blending and bronzing its perfect. Its great cover, easy to blend, long lasting. One pump does my whole face. Its a handy product as its 3 in 1, it does the job of a primer, foundation and concealer. I do however still have to add a little more concealer on top as its not full coverage for my dark circles, but then again not everyone has a 1 year old who still doesn't sleep through the night!   

I've had this lipstick for a long time, longer than i will admit and i should probably have thrown it out by now but shh its a secret between me and you. This is one of the elixir collection, i have the shade Rosewood which is a beautiful mauve-nude, prefect for the colder months. It not matte, its very creamy and moisturizing. Its designed to moisturize your lips, so perfect fro eye day wear. But i find it just as long lasting as a matte lipstick, so you get moisturizes lips and longevity, whats not to love.

1. Brow Sharper in Brown (£7.99) 
Out of all the product here this is number one, i LOVE this brow pencil. My favouite use to be the Seventeen Brown Pencil which i still love but now i've tried this Max Factor one nothing compares. Its a very fine pencil which means i get a precise brow, i can create a good shape. Its not too waxy or pigmented so i can't go over board. Long lasting, smudge prove, its exactly wht i'm looking for. Great comb on the end too! 

I'd like to know have you tried any Max Factor products? If so whats your favourite? Or what should i try next?

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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

My Winter Essentials 2018

Hello darlings.

How is it February already? I know everyone is saying that January dragged but i thought it went really fast! Am i the only one? Today's post is a little overdue considering its February and will be spring soon, but hey ho better late than never. It is my winter essentials, but writing it now i can show what products got me through the winter and are true survival items. I hope you enjoy!

Garnier Summer Body, Gradual Tanner. (£5.49) In the winter i'm so pale, i have to admit i'm not much of a fake tanner, i sometimes get a little tan in the summer but i never use sun beds or spray tans or fake tans. But i have loved this gradual tanner throughout this winter. It was simple and easy to use, fool proof i'd say. It gave me a natural tan without looking like i suddenly went on holiday or orange. 

Zoella Hand Cream, (full size £6.95) I got this hand cream in a Christmas set last year, i don't own any Zoella products. This was the first one i tried and so far i'm really pleased with it. I put on a little before i go to bed or before i paint my nails, it leaves my hands moisturized and super soft. Plus the packaging is very sweet.
Botanics Hydrating Face Serum: (Discounted but a similar product link) My face is combination-dry and especially dry in the winter, so i need all the moisture i can get. I don't like a heavy moisturizer, i find they give me spots if its too greasy or take ages to absorb into the skin. I love this Botancis light serum, its perfect to wear under makeup or  put on before before, its absorbs quickly, and my skin feels super hydrated afterwards,

Superdrug Salted Caramel Bake Soak/Bubble Bath: (£2.29). Who doesn't love a good hot bubble bath in Winter? I know i love them, perfect to relax after a long cold day. I love this is Superdrug bubble bath in the scent salted caramel, its smells so yummy and fills the whole bathroom with its scent. There are loads of different scents in the line so i must go back and try more! 

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick: (7.99) Now finally makeup, i love a good red lip in the winter, as i think everyone does. Its just screams winter to me, and really puts me in the mood. This year i've especially loved this Max Factor Marilyn Monroe lipstick in the shade Ruby Red. It is such a beautiful colour, pigmented and very creamy, perfect for those dry lips in this weather. 

Anastasia Modern Renascence Palette: (£43.00) Lastly my current holy grail palette, Will bought me this for my birthday last year in November and i've used it pretty much everyday ever since, its so good! Its got a beautiful selection of mattes, shimmers, neutrals and colors. Perfect autumnal selection of colours, with the warm browns and deep pinks. 

I'd love to know what are some of your winter favourites?

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Monday, 29 January 2018

Max Factor Face Finity Foundation REVIEW

 Hello darlings

It a new year which means a new foundation, right? I can't count the number of foundations in my collection, i'm always hunting for the perfect one. A foundation that is medium coverage, velvet finish. With a good colour match, not too pink but no too yellow tone. Maybe i need to try some high end foundations, can anyone recommend any good ones? But today's review is another drugstore foundation, the Max Factor Face Finity foundation. I have had this for about a month and i am ready to share with you my thoughts. Grab a cup of tea and we will get started.

My Skin Type: First of all for all my new readers i shall tell you my skin type. I have dry-combination skin (dry t-zone and chin) I have very pale skin and 9 times out of 10 i'm the lightest shade in the selection.
Packaging: The packaging is a standard glass bottle with a pump, nothing fancy but nothing obnoxious. I much perfect a pump to a pourer (i think thats the right term?) Much easier to get the right amount and not waste any product.  

Shade: I purchased the shade light ivory, i ordered this online on Amazon so i wasn't able to swatch any shades, this was the lightest one available so i went with it. I tend to avoid shades that have the word rose in as they tend to be way too pink toned. This one is pale which is great but does have a pink undertone but you can make it work. Although sadly it did oxidize slightly throughout the day but i think during the summer this shade will be much better.
Texture: The product applied nicely, very smooth.  It was too runny or too thick.

Coverage: The coverage was good, its quite light. Max Factor advertises it as a 3 in 1 product, a primer, foundation and concealer. I don't use a primer with this foundation as i find it lasts really well, but as i said in the beginning i do have dry skin so i find foundations last really well on me. Although advised as a concealer i definitely had to add concealer, it was not enough coverage for my dark circles or acne scares. But for a natural everyday makeup look the coverage is good Or for someone that doesn't have a 11 month old.... Also it has SPF 20 which is brilliant. You don't need a lot of product, one pump is plenty.

Price: I paid £3.99 on Amazon when they were on offer but full price it is £12.99. I'm not sure i'd pay full price, maybe if i tried another shade and i was having a good skin day. But i do need a little more coverage and a more yellow toned foundation. But if you have good skin and find your right shade then this is a nice foundation.

I'd love to know have you tried this foundation? What are you thoughts?

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Monday, 22 January 2018

I'm Engaged! // A New Year // Life Update

Hello darlings!

Guess what happened at New Year, Will proposed! I'm sorry this post is a little overdue, with it being the 22nd of January, but the first three weeks of January has been pretty hectic. I've wanted to let you guys know sooner but i just haven't had time. But Isaac is asleep and i have this week off work so i hope to write a few posts! The first being a little life update, my engagement, Isaac, diet etc!
On New Years Eve Will and myself went out for the evening, we went and had a few drinks and a relaxing evening without baby. Just before midnight we went up the the Crescent in Bath where we live to watch the fireworks, then at Midnight Will got down on one knee. <3 Of course i said yes! My engagement ring is a beautiful classic single diamond, yellow gold ring that i just love! Friends and family have all be so thrilled for us and can't wait to start planning the wedding!

Saying that although i've only be engaged for 3 weeks, I went to my first wedding fair last weekend with my mum and mother- in- law to be, which was a amazing and overwhelming all at the same time! If you follow me on Snapchat (Perfect Fixation) you would have seen all the amazing dresses and cakes. Yes i did have to try some wedding cake i know it was hard but i did it for the team ;) haha! I've decided to buy a scrap book and start coming up with ideas, also i need to create a Pinterest board, who am i kidding several Pinterest boards! To check these out heres the link
(Don't worry that plug socket isn't live)
Isaac i now 11 months old! I know i can't believe it either! He's 1 next month so i need to start planning his little party! I'll do a full update in a separate blog post as i could write about him all day. He got the most wonderful personality, hes so kind and generous already, i'm so proud to be his mama. 

I'm not one for making New Years resolutions as i never stick to them and not to sound vein but i'm pretty happy with myself and my life, i don't what it to change. Saying that i am eating better and watching my weight as i still have a bit of baby weight to loose before the wedding. But that is not a new resolution its what i'm always trying to do, and rarely stick to! But if i was going to change anything this year and put more effort into would be History. I use to love history, i have my degree in it. But since having Isaac and moving and doing up out new house i haven't had time for it, so this year i want to fall back in love with it. Make the effort to visit more places and read more books, and most importantly find a history related job!

I'd love to know about your New Year!

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