Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The 7 day slimfast challenge // conclusion

Hello darlings

Today is the conclusion to my 7 day Slimfast challenge. Heres part one if you missed it!. I started this challenge last Monday (14th May) and finished this Monday and i have to say i'm pleasantly surprised. 
The kits comes with a strawberry shake, 2 chocolate meal replacement bars, 3 sour cream and chive pretzels, 4 cheddar cheese bits, 4 caramel bars and 3 chocolate bars. 

( I apologize for my chubby toes) 
My starting weight was 61kg (9st 6lb or 134lbs)
After one week my weight was 59.9kg (9st 4lbs or 132lb) so after 1 week i lost a little over 2kgs, which i'm pretty happy with. If i'm honest i wasn't expecting to loose anything, i thought you can't loose much in one week on its own so i'm really happy, thats a healthy amount to loose. Its not a crash diet where you loose loads and put it straight back on the next week the minute you stop,
I'm not gonna lie i didn't stick to the plan 100%, i tried and i did eat pretty healthy for nearly the whole week but i did have a cheeky Chinese on the Friday night but thats a good thing! I'l tell you why because i still lost weight and had a little treat, a win win. I also didn't stick to the meal plan as most of the evening meals were meat so i made my own vegetarian versions. I also didn't snack as often as it told me some were 3/4 times a day which was a little too much for me, i don't normally eat that many times. But it means i have snacks left over after the week and about half the tub of protein shake as well which is brilliant so i can continue to eat them next week too. 

Overall i think it was a good diet i liked that it encourage you to snack and still loose weight as to live a healthier lifestyle. I did loose a couple pounds which i wasn't expecting in a week! Its made me closer to my goal weight which is always good. I'm not sure i'm gig to stick to it as it not the cheapest diet but i will definitely be buying their snacks as i really enjoy them, and i'm not gonna lie these chocolate meal replacement bars are very filing!

I'd love to know have you tried this challenge or any of the Slimfast products?


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Slimfast 7 Day Challenge // Weight Loss

Hello darlings

I'm not gonna lie i don't normally buy into 'fad' diets i would say just buy and banana and go for run, it would be more sustainable and better for your purse to do that rather than joining a scheme or buy into these miracle diets.  

But i saw these challenge kits on offer for £10 (the shake on it on normally is £7.29) I've tried the snack bars before and have often had them on my breaks at work (i could have chocolate and it would be under 100 cals, i mean whats not to love?) So i thought why not try it. I mean its only for one week and if i lose some weight great but if not then its only a week. What have i got to loose? i' like to be convinced that these diets work. 
I've already lost 6.5kg (1st) since January by myself just by changing my diet and increasing my fitness. I still would like to lose another stone.
The kits comes with a strawberry shake, 2 chocolate meal replacement bars, 3 sour cream and chive pretzels, 4 cheddar cheese bits, 4 caramel bars and 3 chocolate bars. 

You also have to drink 2 litres of water a day and do regular exercise.
I think what a lot of people think about slim fast and other diet brands is that it is some miracle product that you only eat theses shakes and bars and all your weight will come off, not true. Inside this pack you get a meal plan and voucher off your next slimfast purchase.

The meal plan is very good as it shows you still to live a healthy lifestyle, still eat healthy meals and snacks. But you incorporate slimfast snacks and shakes into that, don't just live on the bars. Which i think is pretty good.  

My main worry with this is that once i stop i'll just put all the weight back on, maybe thats how they get you, so you have to keep buying their products! 

I started this diet yesterday and had planned to post this last night but life got in the way. 

You can buy the kit here

I will report back a week today ad let you know how i get on!

My current weight is 61kg, we shall see what it is next week! Wish me luck! 

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

** Bargain Alert** Seventeen Makeup

Hello darlings

Today post is a super quick one, its more of a 'just to let you know'. I already mentioned it on my Instagram last week (link, you should check it out wink wink) But sadly Boots are discounting their makeup brand Seventeen, i know so many childhood memories for so many of us. I bought my first ever makeup from Seventeen and Natural Collection. Going to boots with my mum when i was 13 and trying to convince her that i needed it! 

But on the other hand by discounting it they have a 70% off sale, which is great. I popped on their website last week and purchased all this for £10! It should have cost my £37! I thought i would also put it up on my blog to let you guys know before it all sells out, go go go!! 
I am yet to try anything (apart from the brow pencil and powder as they have been my staple makeup items for years and i am very sad that i will no longer be able to get them)

I picked up:
The Define And Contour Kit: £1.80 (Was £5.99)
2 Miracle Matte Pressed Powder: £1.20 (Was £3.99)
Brow Definer: 87p (Was 2.89)
Skin Wow Concealer: £1.50 (Was £4.99) 
Easy On The Eye Palette: £2.40 (Was £7.99)
Instant Glow Bronzing Powder: £1.38 (Was £4.59)
Dual Ended Brow Sharpener: (It was free when you buy 2 or more products!)

I'd love to know what memories do you have of Seventeen makeup?
Are you sad this going?


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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Huda Beauty // Worth the hype?

Hello darlings

Today's post is one i've waited a little while to write, i've always wanted a Huda Beauty Palette but i couldn't justify spending over £50 on one, even my Urban Decay palettes weren't that much. So when she brought out her mini palettes for £25 i thought why not! I finally get to try one. I also had a 15% off code for Cult beauty so it only came to about £21 so how could i resist, it was fate. I choose the Warm Obsessions palette as i thought it was the perfect mix of colours. It arrived at the beginning of April and i have finally gathered my thoughts on it, i hope you enjoy! 
When it arrived i did let out a little laugh at the size of it! Its rather small.... but saying that i held it up next to my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette and the pans are the same size, its just that they are closer together so it looks less but its actually the same. Just less packaging which is different. Other than my initial reaction to the size, the packing is lovely, its really cute and sleek. Very compact, good to put in you handbag
The shades are warm tones, as you can guess from the name, it being the Warm Obsession palette. Its manly full of mattes and only one shimmer. I do love mattes and i will use at least one matte for my looks, even if its just a base or crease colour but i think it needs another shimmer in there to make it the perfect palette that you can create lots of looks from. I found that i needed to use another palette with it. I like to have one palette that does everything. But saying that the shades that are here are very beautiful! 

The palette doesn't have shade names which is a little disappointing. 

In the palette when you stick your brush in they are very powdery and this transfers onto the eye a well (check pic 5) it went all over my face! I wasn't expecting it from a high end palette, my Urban Decay and Anastasia palette don't do that. Even my Makeup Revolution or MUA don't have that much fall out. But saying that once i'd looked past the fall out the shades did blend together beautifully, really beautifully! And they really work with each other. 
The shades are nicely pigmented, they are not crazy pigmented but they build up really well. The copper shimmer shade is very pigmented! Its my favourite in the whole palette, its very beautiful. 
Overall i really like this palette and i'm glad i purchased it. I did find the fall out rather annoying and a little disappointing, especially from such a hyped and highly priced palette. But i do really like it and would like to try more from the Huda Beauty range. 

I'd love to know have you tried this palette?

You can purchase it here


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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Travel essentials // Part 2 // Makeup

Hello darlings.

A couple of weeks ago i posted my skincare travel essentials today's post is the follow up with my travel makeup essential. I didn't do them in one post otherwise it would have been the longest post ever! These are the products that i can't live without, that i use everyday and i had to take with me. I tend to take palettes or multipurpose products to reduce the space it takes up in my luggage. 
L'Oreal True Match Foundation In Warm Ivory: £9.99. This foundation is a tad dark for me but its the right yellow undertone, i find most foundation are far too pink for me. But i find if i blend it well and add a lighter concealer it looks perfect! Its long lasting and creates a really nice coverage. I would have taken the Makeup Revolution Fast Base but i hadn't purchased it buy that point. 

Makeup Revolution Concealer And Define Concealer in C1: £4.00. I love this concealer i can totally see why it broke the internet, why every is obsessed with it, its brilliant! I have it in C1 which at the time was the lightest now they have C0, C.05. But i find C1 is a good colour, if anything i think its a tad too light! Which never happens with concealer for me, so i'm really happy with this product.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder In Translucent: £3.99. I've had this powder for years, its a good standard powder that sets my makeup and keeps the oil away. A powder i think everyone needs and i can't travel without.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette: £8.00. This is my holy grail product i can't live without it. The light contour shade is perfect for my skin tone and the highlighter is so beautiful and subtle but you can really build it up! Both in one handy palette perfect for going away.
L to R: L'Oreal Foundation, MR Concealer. MR Contour and Highlight shades.

Max Factor Brow Shaper In Brown: £7.99. I can't go anywhere without this brow product, it literally lives in my handbag. Its a very fine pencil which means i get a precise brow, i can create a good shape. Its not too waxy or pigmented so i can't go over board. Long lasting, smudge prove, its exactly what i'm looking for. Great comb on the end too! 

Stila Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul Palette: £30.00. I love Stila cosmetics, The packaging is so beautiful and a little piece of luxury to me. Great selection of everyday colours which match any skin tone and makeup look. You can create so many different looks for both day and evening with this palette. Definitely an all round brilliant palette. 

Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner: £5.99 I've been using this liner for years, i've tried so may but i keep coming back to this one, i love it. Its a very find tip, very pigmented, i know it lasts all day and wont let me down. 

Nip And Fab Mascara: £9.95. I got this is the Nip and Fab set i bought on Black Friday which was an amazing deal! (post here) I've only just got round to using this one as i still had a couple of other mascaras on the go at the time. This is a really nice mascara, the wand is a nice small shape so it really catches all the lashes, it gives me length and volume. 

L to R Max Factor Brow pencil, Stila Palette a couple of shades, Maybelline line.

L'Oreal Lipstick In Erotique: £6.99. I love this shade especially for going out in the evening, i've always enjoyed L'Oreal lipsticks. I've never had a L'Oreal lip product that i didn't like. This one is so creamy and pigmented. 

Mac Lipstick In Velvet Teddy: £17.50. Lastly my long time favourite, and i think one that is everyone loves. This is a classic nude, i think this is perfect for everyday, its quick and easy to just throw on. You know it goes with all makeup looks. Its a comfortable matte, that is long lasting and fades away nicely.
L to R: L'oreal Erotique and Mac Velvet Teddy

What are some of your travel essentials?
Have you tried any of these products?


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