Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Current Dream Base // Summer Makeup // Drugstore

Hello darlings! 

I finally have wifi, can i get a woo! Wifi i have missed you so much <3 Today's post is my current go to base. Its currently summer so although i have normal/ dry i need makeup that its going to last all day and give me that summer glow. Who else is dying in this heat? Isaac is especially struggling bless him, lets just say he and i haven't slept for a bout a week... but that enough of me complaining on to the post!
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation: (£7.99) I know most people this time of year would go for a matte foundation but i've never found one that works for my skin type so i've gone for the next best thing, a satin finish. This is my current go to foundation, its full/medium coverage, a beautiful satin finish and long lasting perfect for the summer. I find it applies best with a beauty sponge/ blender. Rimmel True Match Concealer: (£5.99) The is the best under eye concealer i have ever tried, i know thats a string statement! But its true. Its hides my dark circles and brightens my under eyes, what more do you want?
Seventeen Stay Matte Powder (£4.49?) The product is no stranger to my blog post, i include it almost every time i mention my current/go to/everyday makeup. I have found its the best powder for setting my makeup. Its amazing for keeping my makeup in place all day with the hot sun and the heat! KIKO Blusher, this is a cheeky product i'm including as its been discounted i just love it so much i couldn't help but include it as i have to be truthful i've been wearing this blusher non stop. Its pigmented but not too much o you can't go over board and look like a clown. This is a beautiful pale mauve that its subtle and great all season round. 
Sleek Highlight and Contour kit (£6.99) When i first bought this i only used the highlighter, which is the most gorgeous and striking highlight that leaves you looking like a goddess! I found the contour shade was too pigmented and i always put too much on but now that i've had a lot of practice i find this is actually as brilliant contour that gives you that really chiseled cheek bones. Overall a brilliant little palette. Well done Sleek!

I'd love to know have you tried this palette?
What are your current go to base products? 


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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits // Review.

Hello darlings

As usual i'm sorry for my absence i still don't have wifi in my new house (booo!) but for the next week i'm cat/house sitting for my friend who has gone to Canada so i have her wifi woo! So hopefully i can get a few posts up as i'm bursting with motivation! Last week i popped into Superdrug and i pick up one of the much talked about Makeup Revolution Lip Kits. I love matte liquid lipsticks so i was so exited to try a new one and i'm a massive fan of Makeup Revolution so i had high hopes. 
 I really like the packaging, i think it looks really smart and professional. Looks more expensive than drugstore, i really like when products have outer packing it looks so much better and you want to pick them up and collect them all. Opening the box inside is a lip liner and liquid lipstick similar to the Kylie Jenner lip kits. Opening up the tube there wasn't really any scent which is good. 
The pigmentation of the liquid lipstick is fantastic its thick and opaque after one applicator. Its didn't apply patchy which can be an issue for these type of products. The liner was creamy and glided on to the lips really well, so far so good! I choose the colour reign as it looked like the perfect nude, i don't think my pictures are the best. Its much paler than i thought, although its not the worst nude (not concealer lips!) it doesn't match my skin tone. the liner is a lot pinker than the liquid lipstick, i have to say i do prefer the colour of the liquid lipstick more than the liner pencil. I really want to try Echelon which is more of a brownish nude and more my skin of tone.
The longevity was really good but came at the cost of comfort, GOD my lips were dry after  only an hour or so. At first it felt really good, it didn't sink into the lines in my lips or feel uncomfortable. Its good to put on to take a picture but to wear for work or uni its not the best. I'm so disappointed Makeup Revolution. 

I'd love to know have you tried any of these lip kits?
What are your thoughts? Am i the only one who didn't get on with them?

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

Hello darlings. 

Sorry i haven't posted for a week, my new house doesn't have wifi so i haven't been able to post. I'm at my parents house for the day so i'm using their wifi to upload that why i'm posting on a Sunday instead of my usual Tuesday and Friday. Jackson Reece very kindly contacted me a month ago and asked me if i would be interested in testing out some of their baby products and with the amount of baby wipes i'm getting through with Isaac of course i said yes. Jackson Reece are a brand that creates herbal baby wipes for children with eczema and sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and demagogically approved. Both on their packets and website (link) list all their natural ingredients. Which is great that they are so open with everything thats is in their wipes, Its important that parents know what they are putting on their babies skin, after all your babies health is your main concern. More brands should do this.

I was sent two packs of baby wipes, herbal and natural. A pack of nose wipes and some antibacterial hand spray/gel. The packaging is so cute! It makes the brand stand out in the shops compared to many other baby/own brands.
The two packs of baby wipes i tried were natural and herbal (£1.60). They are designed especially for very sensitive skin, Isaac at birth had dry skin and a rash. but even if your baby doesn't have eczema or any skin complaints all baby skin is precious and sensitive as its brand new! Using these wipes i didn't find any sign of rash or irritation, so the sudorem was put away for a while. Very wet unlike a lot of wipes on the market. They left Isaac's skin super so soft. They are parabean free and organic. And as a vegetarian and a mum who ise using organic when she can this pleases me greatly. The herbal ones i'm not a fan of the scent although it does claim they are fragrance free. Its a very herbal smell as you'd expect, quite lavendery. .
The next product i tested was nose wipes (£1.99), these area great idea, i've never seen this type of product.I have only used a couple on Isaac as hes still very young and hasn't really had a bad cold yet so there have been no use for them, but they are handy for in the future, so they have been put away. Lastly anti bacterial hand gel (unknown price). Every parent needs this, its always important to clean your hands before and after you touch baby and this little tube is great for on the go. Fast drying and i love the scent! 
I'm so happy all of these products are organic they are such a great idea and i'm look forward to using more in the future. I found you can buy them in Boots, John Lewis, Tesco, Amazon and Mothercare. Or you can purchase them from their website. (link)

*These products were sent to me but all opinions are my own.

I'd love to know have you tried these wipes?

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Review

Hello darlings.

I feel Maybelline mascaras are taking over! I have crap eyelashes so i'm always looking for a miracle mascara. I love Maybelline mascaras, their lash sensational is my holy grail, so when i saw this one i thought i'd give it ago. I picked this up for £3.99 in Home Bargains a few weeks back. 
The first thing that stands out is the packaging, i think it is nice, it stands out but i think its a bit too bold for my liking, aimed more at teenagers. I like a slick black tube if i'm honest. But i really love the wand, i like small plastic wands that can get right into the roots of my small eyelashes. So this was a win for me.  
But lets get down to the important part, is it a good mascara? Errr... Its an okay mascara, i had to curl my lashes before hand as it did nothing to my small straight lashes but once curled with an eyelash curler it did give them some lift and length that lasted but of i'm honest i think it was the curlers. But the product wasn't flaky and didn't smudge and once on the lash it dried quite fast. Unlike a lot of mascaras it wasn't clumpy, but it was very weighty on. The finished look was a nice natural look, but not dramatic or wow look! Not the Falsie look is claims, sorry Maybelline. 
(With the mascara) 
Overall it wasn't a bad mascara it just didn't do anything special. Maybe on someone who has amazing long eyelashes to begin with it would but really good but sadly for me i wont repurchase.

You can purchase here for £7.99

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My Top Three Current Concealers // Drugstore

Hello darlings.

Today's post is just a quick one about my current top three concealers. I thought it would be fun to make a little series of my current top three products. I'd love to know if you guys would like that? I've done it in price order, cheapest to dearest, i hope you find this useful. 
Collection Lasting Perfection £4.19. Who doesn't have this concealer? Everyone and their mother has tried this product. It has a very liquid texture, blends beautifully with both fingers, sponge or brush. I find this is great for dark circles and acne, its my go to concealer for covering my spots, as it provides a medium to full coverage. Out of all three concealers this is the longest lasting, it does exactly as it says on the tin. The only con is the colour range, its doesn't over much for dark skinned girls as the darkest shade is't dark at all. 

Rimmel True Match £5.99. The lightest shade is the perfect colour match for my skin similar to the Collection concealer the shade range isn't great. I love the applicator on this product, i know not everyone gets on with the plastic applicator and prefer a doefer one. But i find the plastic one draws the concealer on to the skin perfectly. I find this product is much better for dark circles and highlighting rather than covering spots. I love that this is a highlighting product as lets be honest as a new mum i need a little help under the eyes!! No glitter in this product, which is a bonus. Who wants glittery under eyes. The texture is creamy and very thin, which is great as it doesn't leave you looking cakey.  

Maybelline Age Rewind £8.99. Now that its coming up to Summer i'm whipping this bad boy out as the lightest shade is a little too dark for me in the Winter. This again similar to the Rimmel concealer i wouldn't use this to cover up spots, this is specifically designed to go under your eyes. I love the applicator, the sponge tip is a big win for me but i know a lot of people who don't like it and think its unhygienic but at the end of the day i'm the only one who is using it so its not an issue. It blends beautiful applies a very thin layer and disappears into the skin and makes your skin look gorgeous. 

I'd love to know have you tried any of these three products?
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